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Crown Delorean
09-18-2006, 08:06 PM

Im looking for that service manual, does any body have it?

please send it to: the_crown_mx@yahoo.com

Mr Spock
09-19-2006, 04:25 AM
Don't have the manual but have a few of the codes.
Diag Codes
1-2 Line Voltage Check
2-60 Copy Limit Program
2-61 Configuration Program
3-0 Exit Diagnostic Mode Program
3-5 Serial Communications Program
3-6 Serial Communications Program
3-9 Serial Communications Program
3-60 Main PWB Initialization
5-16 ADF Lead Edge Registration.
5-51 Single Sheet Feeder/ADF Prefeed Timing Test
5-52 Single Sheet Feeder/ADF Registration Timing Test
5-53 Single Sheet Feeder/ADF Prefeed Timing Test
6-0 Scan Initialization
6-1 Scan Servo Program
6-4 Scan Reference Frequency Line Test. Caution: Disconnect P126 from the Scan Drive Motor PWB before using.
6-5 Scan Rate Feedback Line Test. Caution: Disconnect P126 from the Scan Drive Motor PWB before using.
6-6 Scan Direction Line Test
6-7 Scan Enable Line Test. Caution: Disconnect P126 from the Scan Drive Motor PWB before using.
6-8 Scan Servo Compensator Line Test
6-9 Exposure Sensor Program
6-10 Lens Stepper/Lens Home Sensor Program
6-11 Scan Encoder Output Test
6-55 BookMark 21 & with TAG P-019 : Scan Speed Program.
6-60 Lens Position (R/E) Program.
6-61 Without TAG P-019 Exposure Illumination Program
6-64 Machines with TAG P-019 & BookMark 21 : Exposure Lamp Output. Value displayed is 78% of lamp root mean square voltage.
7-1 Tray Size Sensing Program
8-1 Main Drive Motor Run Program
8-2 Paper Feeder Program
8-50 Without TAG P-019 : Automated Final Actions. Go to Final Action in Service Call Procedures.
8-51 Time to Registration Switch
8-52 Time on Registration Switch
8-53 Time to Exit Switch
8-54 Time on Exit Switch
8-61 Registration Adjustment.
8-62 Bypass Feeder Program
8-99 Scan Speed / Registration Adjustment Enable
9-1 Xerographic Drive/Belt Hole Program
9-2 Transfer Corotron Program
9-3 Charge Scorotron Program
9-4 Charge Scorotron, Photo Mode Program
9-5 Dry Ink Dispenser Motor/Dispense Rate Switch Program
9-12 Copy Cartridge Counter Program W/Tag P-019 (N/A 5818 & BookMark 21)
9-14 Copy Cartridge Warranty Program (N/A 5818 & BookMark 21)
9-15 History Log of 9-14 Warranty Programs Run (N/A 5818 & BookMark 21)
9-60 CSDC Monitor Program
9-62 Exposure Adjustment Program.
9-63 BLACK Dry Ink Dispenser Program.
9-65 Lead Edge Erase (Interimage/Edge Erase Lamp Off Time adjustment Program).
9-66 Trail Edge Erase Program (Interimage/Edge Erase Lamp (On) Time adjustment Program).
9-67 Illumination Control
9-68 Side Edge Erase Program
9-69 Photoreceptor Repositioning Time.
9-73 BookMark 21 & with TAG P-019 : Extra Dispense after J1 Status Code declaration.
10-1 Exhaust Fan
10-3 Fuser Program
10-4* Fuser Drives Program
10-7 Fuser Cold Start Temperature Configuration Selection (Without TAG P-019)
10-9 Exhaust Fan Speed at Standby adjustment
10-10 BookMark 21 & with TAG P-019 : Extended Fuser Web Life
10-61 Fuser Temperature Adjustment Program.
10-63 Web Count Reset Program.
10-65 Web Count Input Program
10-99** Office Light Flicker Fix(W/ TAG P-019, 5328, BK21, XC1875, XC2675)
11-1 Sorter Program
20-1 NVM History File
20-2 Clear the NVM History File
20-3 U Codes Clearance

Input Components
1-1 Upper Assembly Interlock Switch S12 - When using Diagnostic Code [1-1], ensure that the Right Door is closed so that the Right Door Interlock Switch is actuated.
1-3 Line Frequency Check (50/60 Hz)
2-2 Control Console Switches ( Table 2)
2-5 Auditron/CVA Input
5-0 ADF Stack Force Relief Switch S51
5-2 ADF Registration Sensor Q52
5-4 ADF Ready Switch S52
5-6 Document Width Switch S53 (8 1/2)
5-10 Document Feed Sensor Q51 (Single Sheet)
5-13 Document Width Switch S54 (11)
5-15 Size Sensing Document Cover (Analog)
6-2 Scan Home Sensor Q61
6-3 Split Scan Sensor Q62
7-2 Two Tray Interlock Switch S89
8-0 Bypass Prefeed Switch S84
8-3 Registration Switch S85
8-7 Exit Switch S101
9-6 Dry Ink Cartridge Empty Sensor Q91
9-7 Copy Cartridge Counter Switch S93 (All except 5818 & BookMark 21)
9-9 Color Developer Module Switch S94
9-10 Copy Cartridge Interlock Switch S91
9-11 Right Door Interlock Switch S13
10-5 ADF Interlock Switch S55
11-2 Bin Home Switch S111
11-3 Indexing Cam Switch S113
11-5 Sorter Interlock Switch S112

Output Codes
2-1 Control Console Indicator Lamps
2-3 Copy Count Meter
2-6 Auditron/Autometer Test
5-1 Feed Clutch CL 51
5-3 Document Belt Drive Motor MOT52
5-5 Stack Force Relief Solenoid SOL 51
5-7 ADF Ready Lamp LP51
5-9 Document Feed Motor MOT51 and Feed Clutch CL 51
5-11 Document Feed Motor MOT51
6-14 Intake Fan MOT63 (High-Low Speed)
8-1* Paper Path Drive Motor MOT82
8-4 Registration Solenoid SOL 83
8-5 Takeaway Clutch CL 82
9-8 Interimage/Edge Erase Lamp
9-12** Without TAG P-019 only. Copy Cartridge Solenoid SOL 91
10-1 Exhaust Fan

*If the main drive motor fails to energize, go to the Nominal NVM Default Values tables found in ADJ 1.1 (Section 4) and check the value in 8-26, Main Drive Configuration NVM. If this value is incorrect, the 8-1 program will not operate.

** This test must be performed with the Copy Cartridge switch disconnected or the Copy Cartridge removed from the machine. This code is not applicable to 5818 and BookMark 21.

*** On 5818 with Rev. 2 software (Tag P-099) only. Not an active program in Rev. 1 versions.

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