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10-16-2018, 02:42 PM
hello. a customer got 5x c203 and one of them doing strange noise. changed all iu's, transfer belt, toners, fuser. replaced main motor assembly and checked the toner supply (didnt strip those appart only with a blower- vacuum and they seem to rotate and supply toner properly. "seem") cyan magenta and yellow was printing fine but black had the problem all the test page was like zebra. black and white stripes 2-3cm wide each. after i did all the test and swapped main motor and cleaned all stuff as better as i could (didnt take apart the toner supply and augers) the sound is still there and not printing black at all. i attach 4 videos of the sound and when it starts

machine got around 550k clicks

i know is a piece for a museum but customer cant change the machines till next year so it must be fixed for now





10-16-2018, 04:06 PM
Great videos. Search this forum, there are a lot of threads for your problem. Example:
BH C203 Loud plastic gear over gear noise from right rear corner of machine (http://www.copytechnet.com/forums/konica-minolta/101237-bh-c203-loud-plastic-gear-over-gear-noise-right-rear-corner-machine.html)
Good luck and don't pollute Aegean se when you done the job :), will be there again next summer.

10-16-2018, 09:09 PM
That seems like drive motor to me. I'd replace all of them, as they pop one after the other in matter of weeks or months. Before the change be sure the drive gears on the whole gearbox are running smoothly and also the waste pipe drive from front to back don't have any shaven gears. They mesh at 45 degree angle. And there is two of them to replace. Or I did as it came as callback once. So save yourself time and check properly.
That donkey should be in r&d for fun.

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10-16-2018, 11:12 PM
replace the blk dev clutch

10-17-2018, 12:10 AM
That model is notorious for waste toner pipe being clogged. Hopefully that's not the case because it is perhaps one of the toughest repairs on that machine. I have replaced machines instead of attempting repair. Did it one time and never again!

10-17-2018, 01:39 AM
Replace the black developer clutch and the bushings it sits in.

10-17-2018, 08:04 AM
thank you all for the time to answer me

i think this model dont got solo black dev clutch like the next series like c220 got. the noise is from bottom of the machine and the 2 motors are in the upper section. i will try swap the motors ( i think 1 is for color 1 for black) and see what happens. for the toner pipe where they mesh at 45 angle where in parts manual is that to pinpoint exactly?

10-17-2018, 09:29 AM
btw i want to add that when inspecting black IU its full of toner while it was half way full so it adds toner to the IU. but still cant get black copy on it

10-17-2018, 01:23 PM
by black dev clutch you mean the one in the green circle?

i have already replaced the main drive assy in the red circle

Brett GS
10-23-2018, 09:17 PM
More than likely the toner supply/hopper.
Proberbly hard toner stuck.
Good luck, book a full day for that.

10-26-2018, 07:14 AM
so. its not any of the consumables. not the main drive assy and also not the black dev clutch.

also didnt remove the waste toner system but moving it by hand all gears turn smoothly and the toner supply system adds toner as it supposed to.

still no black image and noise

10-26-2018, 09:31 AM
i think i found the guilty it was the bushing from black dev clutch. the one inside. was all messed up. gonna re-re-re-re mount all stuff and test

edit: problem solved. it was the bushing thanks for all replies

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