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08-26-2020, 11:20 AM
Hi boy,
also today a jam with DF628. By studying various cases, I think I have identified the culprit.
There is a piece of rubber that sticks and keeps the sensor ON all the time, causing jamming. In fact, after a cleaning, it works again. Can anyone help me find the parts code of this sensor. I can't find it in the part list
Thanks so much!

08-26-2020, 12:33 PM
A143PP1Y00 Sponge
A143PP1A01 Lever
A143PP1B00 Torsion Spring
A3CFPP1M01 Bracket
A5C1M50100 Photointerrupter


08-26-2020, 02:36 PM
If that's just sponge foam, I'd probably just remove it and live with the tiny 'tic' sound. =^..^=

08-26-2020, 03:16 PM
Thinking about same thing @blackcat4866 :)
I think that "tic" sound would be inaudible besides motor and clutches noise.

08-26-2020, 05:25 PM
Thanks for your help! The image deceived me because of the shape but you finally enlightened me.
The rubbers a little scare me because in reality I do not know their real functioning. Often it is to make a noise but it could also be used to avoid upsets. I will follow your advice!

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