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06-06-2021, 01:30 AM
Does anyone know how to change the sheets the C6085 Main Exit Tray will hold? We operate with 2 Konica Minolta AccurioPress C6085. One of them stops and asks to remove stock at about 380 sheets and the other one will stack so many it freaks me out. I need to find a way to adjust the quantities the exit tray will hold before telling the operators "Please remove paper from main exit tray". Any help would be fantastic! Thank you!

06-06-2021, 01:40 AM
Probably a bit switch setting.

06-06-2021, 06:17 AM
yeah i imagine that being a option.

i know if your doing lots of documents with Z fold if the stack gets to high prints end up sliding off output tray

06-07-2021, 01:50 AM
Software switch 3-5 needs to be turned on.

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