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02-11-2022, 12:26 AM
So apparently a change was made to the FS-532 Finisher and a new control board was installed. We had one fail on a Pro 1100 and can't find any data on it. Scoured all the parts bulletins and there is nothing about this.

Anybody familiar with this change? Part number available? The affected finishers also have 2 front door actuators instead of 1. Here is a picture of the new style. We can find no data on this.

below is a picture of the old style.


02-11-2022, 05:00 PM
Found the answer to my own question thanks to Hytec. In case anyone else needs to know. The newest FS-532 finisher has been redesigned and the serial number starts with WY6. The part number for the WY6 FNS Control Board is A4F3H05000. It is not compatible with the older A4F4 finishers.

02-11-2022, 09:50 PM
Remember, there are quite a number of sensor calibrations and adjustments to do after the finisher controller change. =^..^=

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