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08-10-2023, 10:11 AM
Hello , we just purchased one C1070 press with RU516 + RU509 + FS532. No problems when printing one sided , but when printing 2 sided it's very very slow, like 1 page / 5 seconds. We've tried to set the output tray to main/sub , nothing changed. This is happening from all trays, including PF707 feeder.

Anyone knows something about this ? Thank you !

08-10-2023, 01:33 PM
In paper tray settings you will find the process adjustment setting. There you will find settings for heating, dehumidification, load and speed. Run tests on all drawers before making changes to find out which tray has the problem and correct the settings in order to get your result.

08-10-2023, 03:11 PM
The factor that makes the most difference in speed is media type. The thicker the media, the slower the processing ... and that's entirely normal. =^..^=

08-11-2023, 08:34 AM
That's the problem. I'm running on plain paper only, 80gsm. All trays are on default settings...

08-11-2023, 11:11 PM
Print test pattern number 16 2>2 Double side and single side 1>1.

In this way we eliminate the controller, printer drivers and Windows.

If so the problem occurs, the error is in the printer.
probable causes:
paper configuration
Humidity and temperature control

Good luck.

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