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04-10-2010, 02:46 AM
I am an IT guy not a copier guy. We have had our bizhub C650 for a few years. Just recently it started "crashing". When I say crash I can no longer print to it, I can no longer get into the web management interface with IE or firefox.

I can ping it and I can telnet to port 80 and get a connection. I have verified that no other device has the same IP we are using a static IP for the C650 and if I unplug the network cable I can no longer ping or telnet to port 80. As you would expect since I can ping it I can see the tx/rx lights on the network jack. Only solution I have found is to power cycle the C650 and it will run for a random number of days before it crashes again. I though it was a bad network cable or run screwing up the C650 and making it crash. So I swapped the cables, network drop and switch port with the canon copier right next to it. Same issue, C650 will randomly lock-up/crash, canon keeps running.

At this point I had the copier guy come out when it was in a locked up state so he could see it. He plugged his laptop into it. Could not get connected to it so he power cycled it. He said he found no errors. He did upgrade the firmware. He said the problem was my network or print server. I tried to get an explanation on how my network or print server could crash the copier. But he just told me there were no error codes and there was nothing wrong with the copier. My print server is running the latest PCL drivers. So when he left I set up my network monitoring software to ping and connect to the management HTTP interface every 5min and alert me when it failed. Well tonight, Friday night at 7pm it crashed again. I am 99% sure no one was in the office printing or scanning. I can ping the C650 and I can telnet to port 80. But I can not get the administrator web interface in IE or firefox. Nor can I print or mange the printer setting from my print server.

So now that I have it crashed is there anything I should check befor power cycling it? Should I go into some secret admin/tech page on the copier to look for error codes?

Thanks for any pointers as my copier vendor has left it up to me to resolve.


04-10-2010, 03:20 AM
May I make a suggestion or a troubleshooting aid, I know you said you switched ports and cables etc. As a controlled test in situations like this I like to put in a small test uplink switch like a small dlink or linksys in between the machine and the wall jack.. if it still goes down after that then I'd leave it connected to the switch but perhaps not the wall jack and monitor it for a period of time, job permitting. Is it in sleep mode? have you tried no sleep? Just some ideas, especially if the tech has already updated to the latest firmware.


04-10-2010, 03:33 AM
I forgot to mention I did put a mini 5 port switch between the C650 and the wall. It is in place now when it locked up.

The lockups are so random I don't think I can leave it off line that long. After the copier guy left it took 2 hours. We power cycled it. Then it took 2 days. We power cycled it. This time it took about 9 days. Interesting that you mention sleep mode. It was something they asked us to test before the tech came out. They wanted us to power cycle in the AM and see if we had problems during the day. I belive we rule out sleep mode when it continued to work for more then 1 day. I assume it sleeps at night and auto wakes up on the first job. So some times we get 2 days or this time we got 9 wake ups.

Are you saying I should disable sleep mode?



04-10-2010, 04:42 AM
Thats a thought and may be worth a try, also have you had the power to the machine checked for consistency using a power monitor? Also does the machine have an ESP surge device on it? Power glitches and surges can reign havoc with a lot of newer machines and a machine like that needs to be on 120V 20A dedicated line for good power. Your service tech can enable "no sleep" mode from service mode and then in util/ctr > administrator mode, you can set the power save to no sleep (as opposed to 240 min).. May be worth a shot. Failing that, it could "tentatively" be a failing psu or maybe MFP board. (encompasses the embedded nic). Might even be "special" firmware for this sort of issue but I'd have to dig thru the pile and check em all (theres quite a few).


04-10-2010, 05:36 AM
Solution ID TAUS0703323EN* Solution Usage 9


NIC not responding; unable toPING the MFP.MFP drops off the network.Must reboot theMFP in order to get the machine back online.MFP locks up.


CAUSE: Failed NIC.
SOLUTION:Replace the PWB-MFP; the NICis part of the PWB-MFP.Flash theMFP to most current firmware version after board replacement.
PARTS : bizhub C550 PWB-MFPB (p/n A00J H020 07); bizhub C451 PWB-MFPB (p/n A00J H020 07); bizhub C650 PWB-MFPB (p/n A00J H021 00).

Solution ID TAUS0800442EN* Solution Usage 2


NIC drops off the network after receiving an RSVP packet.


CAUSE:Firmware upgrade required.


Copyright 2009, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. November 2009

bizhub C650 Warm-up, wrong display, incorrect operation, lock-up

SOLUTION: Please download file C451_A00K0Y0-F000-GW9-6M.exe from the KMBS Download Selector.Install firmware on the bizhub C650 and report
back while onsite. If this does not correct the issue, there is an unreleased version of the firmware that ESS can provide.

also increase the network timeout on the mfp

04-10-2010, 06:04 AM
I forgot to mention I did put a mini 5 port switch between the C650 and the wall. It is in place now when it locked up.

The lockups are so random I don't think I can leave it off line that long. After the copier guy left it took 2 hours. We power cycled it. Then it took 2 days. We power cycled it. This time it took about 9 days. Interesting that you mention sleep mode. It was something they asked us to test before the tech came out. They wanted us to power cycle in the AM and see if we had problems during the day. I belive we rule out sleep mode when it continued to work for more then 1 day. I assume it sleeps at night and auto wakes up on the first job. So some times we get 2 days or this time we got 9 wake ups.

Are you saying I should disable sleep mode?



Do you have a Fiery?
Have they formated the HD on the copier? Do you have a surge protector on the copier?

04-10-2010, 02:02 PM

I doubt we have a Fiery. I only see 1 NIC. I understand that Fiery is used for advanced desktop publishing or something like that as I have only heard the term at graphics or publishing shops. Is there a simple check I can do. We use our C650 for copy, PCL print in color/bw, scan to SMB using mode memory for PDF compression, "lock box" so our Virtual office employees can print to the C650 and when they come in the office for the Friday meeting pick their box and print out the jobs.

When they did our service call they power cycled, ran some tests then backed up our config, loaded firmware and reloaded config. At that point we realized that they had not backed up our scan "mode memory" setting so we had to re-enter 57 entries by hand. We were not happy. Is there any way we can export the scan mode memory to CSV so we can later import them? I know some other copiers we have allow us to do that from the web interface. We do have the admin login for the web interface. I do not know if they re-formatted the HDD. I can check.

Yes our copier company provided the surge protector box that does power and network protection for one network cable.
But from kon's post solution TAUS0703323EN* it seems like a bad NIC which makes sence to me from all the troubleshooting I have done. I am a network guy not a copier guy, one thing I do know how to do is troubleshoot networks. I very much appreciate all the help this forum has given. In less then a 1/2 a day I have had more help then we got from our copier vendor over the last month.

Should I request that the copier vendor replace the NIC? Or should they format the HDD. My gut say NIC like my gut has said networking issue from day one, and why I blamed my cable runs, cables and switches. I think HDD format is a long shot and does not make sense to a network guy but I am leaving that call up to you guys.



04-10-2010, 02:05 PM

That is odd it sounds exactly like what I reported to my copier tech. He did say he "checked" the konica knowledge base. I guess he did not see this article.

I am going to have my copier vendor check this out.

Thank you very much!


04-10-2010, 07:20 PM
You should be able to BU address book thru web Utility

(5) Format HDD
Functions To conduct logical formatting of HDD.
Use To initialize HDD.

It is subject to logical formatting here, therefore if starting with physical formatting,
follow as [Service Mode] → [State Confirmation] → [Memory/HDD
Adj.] → [HDD Format].


1. Touch [HDD Formatting].

2. Select [Yes] on the confirmation screen and touch [OK].

3. Turn off the main power switch and turn it on again more than 10 seconds after.

The following data will be lost after HDD formatting.

➀ Address data

➁ Authentication data : Authentication mode, user authentication setting,
account track setting

➂ Box setting data : Box and text in the box, setting information of each
box, box for fax

➃ Job history, fax transmission history

04-10-2010, 07:53 PM
The "nic" isnt a separate card like a legacy network card of a pc more like the embedded nic's on most current pc motherboards.. Not just a matter of replacing a $50 nic. You have a service contract presumably? And if so you are supported by an authorized konica dealer? If so maybe they can request a t-shooting board (like we can here in Canada) to test to see if the problem is that board or not.. (not sure if your in Canada or not) Here we can request a tester to help tshooting probs especially it it's an expensive part like that one.


04-11-2010, 03:59 AM
Try this for giggles. ( I KNOW they will whine if you mention it to them) but... take the copier OFF of the surge protector over night and see if you get the lock up issue's.

If you can get a hold of (or the copier company should have one) a line tester. It will read the voltage of the wall and do a print out of any surges or spikes or lags.

04-12-2010, 03:17 PM
have your tech replace the mfp board, (if he has already tried the firmware fixes that is)

07-16-2010, 06:12 PM
This is exactly, word for word, the issue I'm having right now. Was there a resolution?

07-17-2010, 01:28 AM
This is exactly, word for word, the issue I'm having right now. Was there a resolution?

Generally, this problem is common with this series of machine.

On all lockups or unexplainable events I generally recommend the user cycle the main power switch. But I always tell them that if they get a common failure, such as this network issue, that there may be more to it. In situations where the problems are random, such as a drawer refuses to feed one day, the scanner fails a week or so later, the problem is more than likely power related.

In situations where power is questionable, RRogers mentions one of the troubleshooting steps is to remove the power conditioner (ESP device) and plug directly into the wall and observe what happens for a period of time. How long depends on the frequency of the failures, so this is subjective. The ESP device is designed to prevent poor power situations from creating random problems, but like any electronic device, even these can fail without warning. If the removal of the device solves the problem, replace it. KM should replace this device without question. It is to our advantage to do so, as this device is guaranteed to protect the device plugged into it from electrical damage, the kind that destroys electronics.

If you do not have an ESP device, get one installed. These are considered mandatory sales items here in Calgary.

That said, these do not guarantee your power will be enough for the copier. For example, the power circuit to the wall might not be dedicated, as it should be. I tell customers who are having random issues to ensure that the AC line the copier is on, is not sharing anything else on the same circuit. If there are other devices, such as another copier, or a printer of some kind or a shredder or a computer, I cannot guarantee reliable operation. These machines are power hogs and do not like to share.

If you followed all the previous recommendations listed before this post, many of those will resolve common problems. But if none of those resolves the issue, there are power line monitors that can be put in line, similar to an ESP. Most do pretty much the same thing, they monitor your power line over a given time and provide you an output of the high voltage peaks and low voltage sags. Some are quite simple, while others are very sophisticated and can provide detailed information over a set period of time. Your copier tech might have one, but do not expect them to have one. These are expensive items. Typically, an electrician is more likely to have something like this. This gives peace of mind regarding the AC power to the machine.

If the AC passes the muster, then there is likely an issue with the machine. There are many components that can cause all sorts of issues in a machine. Especially if those components all share the same power rail from the PSU. Most often, it may be the MCB, or the PRCB, and of course, the PSU, but is not limited to those items. Bad RAM or a failing hard disk can cause issues as well. Troubleshooting an issue of this nature can be time consuming.

First things I would recommend for you....

1. Ensure the firmware is up to version R6. Your technician should at least make the effort to this effect, it can fix many problems, including issues like this.
2. Check all electrical connections regarding the PRCB and MCB boards, even reseat them. Oxidized connectors can wreak havoc in unpredictable ways.
3. Eliminate any possible bad switch or router port. Changing to another port on those devices may be all that was needed. Change the network cable/bypass the in wall line by going to another wall port.
4. Check for a dedicated AC circuit.
5. Check for construction nearby.
6. Do a Factory initialize. Ensure user data is backed up before this happens.
7. Replace RAM modules.
8. Replace MCB or PRCB (eliminate AC issues as mentioned above if you need to order these boards, something to do while waiting for them to be shipped)
9. Replace PSU.
10. Break out the shot gun, be sure no children are nearby to witness the carnage.

Mr Spock
07-17-2010, 01:38 AM
"SPECIAL" firmware version GFF-R6

2.2 Fixed issues.
1. If turn on the sub switch more than ten seconds later after turn on the main switch, setting value of the SD-505 is cleared.
2. MFP falls off the network and you cannot perform PC Print, Scan to E-mail/SMB and PageScope Web Connection.

07-17-2010, 02:45 AM
first change the ip address and see it it corrects the drop off , its just that simple we had a unit kick our butts and found someone was printing using the wrong print driver and locking up the machine

07-22-2010, 06:53 PM

Read through this as we are having the same kind of problem with a C451. It now has a surge protector and network filter on it along with most recent R6 f/w. Its had the MFP and NVRAM checked and a new PSB put on it. Still always locks up in the morning.

The ops panel displays the following message when its locked up "Due to an alert the panel is illuminated" - I have never seen this. Have any of you guys??

I'm not sure if we have took the m/c out of sleep mode so could try that. However, the customer has several konicas with the same locking up problem, not just C451.

They also changed the network service provider and recently had a brand new generator installed next to the building.

Any suggestions??

07-24-2010, 09:06 AM
if it was just one machine doing this, I would say that there was likely a problem specific to that machine, though not necessarily that machine. The previous suggestions would at some point resolve issues like this.

In the case of multiple machines and some of the description of the environment you mentioned, power is quite likely the fault.

Obtain a power line monitor and plug it in where the machine is and review what the power line was doing for a day or two. This is not always practical to obtain one, they are expensive. Sometimes a power conditioner will resolve problems related to poor power, but it will not resolve problems where there is insufficient power getting to the machine. For example, if the line is supposed to be 120v and is constantly below 110v over a 24 hour period, the machine will most likely have some kind of failure at some point due to power sags (someone turns on their computer, or runs the microwave). The only sure way to know for certain in such cases is with a line monitor.

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