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    Re: Discolored band coming in print from C258

    Quote Originally Posted by emujo2 View Post
    You need to panic stop the job after it begins to x fer to the media..This is the only way to tell where the issue lies..I can rule out "flip" from blackcat as this is not a lead or trail edge (12X18 would only travel short edge 1st). You need to look at the drums, x fer belt and x fer roller. 270 GSM is at the outside range and should only be used sparingly. This is not a production machine and no matter how you use it now, it will not perform the same way 250K copies fropm now. E
    Hi there,
    thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I think the 270 GSM media is too much for this machine to handle, as we only print 270-300 GSM 12x18 art cards and that too in considerable quantities, probably taking a toll on the machine.

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    Re: Discolored band coming in print from C258

    Quote Originally Posted by diwakar View Post
    Hi there,
    Thanks for the reply.

    We tried this on full red, full orange, full blue sheets, and the bands are still forming, on semi grays, this is coming too. Since the machine is on contract, and the drum is at 95% as per the counter, so, we do not have an option of changing the drum as of now :-(
    Sorry, are you an end user or a technician?
    If you are an end user and macine is on contract, report a problem, and let the technician solve it.
    If you are a technician then you should try with another black drum (used) just for comparison. If it's bad then you should change it.

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