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    Re: MX-3140 Light Washy Copies (Print/Copy)

    Tech went to customer's office yesterday. We did a data default reset(Setting_Secuity Settings_Initialize Private Data/Data In Machine). After that the copier is working. No more light copies with the darker area on the side of the copy. Tech did not check if the toner save mode was on. While talking with the customer she does recall doing something with toner save. Thank you tek tevee and repn1999 for reminding me you never know what the customer has done. Thanks to everyone for your help
    Still a little baffled on why it had the dark edge.

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    Re: MX-3140 Light Washy Copies (Print/Copy)

    Have you tried cleaning the density sensors? If the density sensors is reading through a dirty glass or if it has one of the swing arms on it with a dirty patch that will cause this exact problem. Clean the sensors and run 44-02 44-27 44-06 44-26 and 46-74 in that order.

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