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03-15-2016, 06:17 AM
hi guys
i replaced a C451..... with ....C452 for an office

workload is the same around 300 prints per day

i have to replace toner for c452 every two month , color every three month or so

while c451 i had to replace them once in a year!!

is some thing wrong with c452 why would it consume so much toner?

03-15-2016, 03:34 PM
Is the cartridge physically empty or does the machine just "think" it's empty?

03-15-2016, 05:14 PM
Sounds normal to me... Think that maybe their overall coverage is more perhaps?

03-15-2016, 05:50 PM
Thats Normal. The Saturation levels are higher in the c452 and c552 than most models. Thats why they produce great prints. They decreased the saturation levels back to normal in the 4 series. Have had many customers complain when going from 2 series to 4 series. There is a tech pub on how to make the 4 series look liken the 2 though.

copier tech
03-15-2016, 06:12 PM
300 prints per day, that's say 6000 for month, so that's 12,000 prints & you have to replace a toner, that's normal.

But It also depends what the client is printing.

03-16-2016, 10:53 AM
The toner box is physically empty

they print 70% black 30% color

Same work load, C451 used only one toner per load

is there any way to reduce the saturation level?

Whats the toner consumption on C454?

03-16-2016, 12:31 PM
12.6.4 D Max Density
A. Use
To adjust gradation, color, and image density to target reproduction levels by varying the
maximum amount of toner sticking to paper through auxiliary manual fine-adjustment of
gamma of each color after gradation adjust.
An image quality problem is not corrected even after gradation adjust has been run.
B. Procedure
The default setting is 0.
-10 to +10 (step: 1 *)
*: 1 step corresponds to 0.03 in density difference.
1. Call the Service Mode to the screen.
2. Touch these keys in this order: → [D Max Density].
3. Select [COPY] or [Printer].
4. Select the color to be adjusted.
5. Enter the new setting from the 10-key pad or [+/-].
To increase the maximum amount of toner sticking, increase the setting value.
To decrease the maximum amount of toner sticking, decrease the setting value.
6. Touch [END] to return to the [Process] menu screen.
7. Touch [Stabilizer].
8. Touch [Stabilizer Mode].
9. Press the Start key to validate the adjustment value.
[I]10. Check the print image for any image problem.
If the setting value has been changed, be sure to run an image stabilization
sequence to make valid the new value.

03-17-2016, 11:11 AM
thanx for the settings Synthohol

i will try to reduce them and see

they weree all set to max b4

03-17-2016, 09:35 PM
if this machine just has the standard controller, setting to -7 or so will reduce toner usage but check the quality before and after.
if it has a fiery reducing the density will severely impact quality ive found so i leave it alone.
good luck either way.

i think on one of the pages on the maintenance reports shows the toner use% average. the BS industry standard is like 6% but in reality its more like 20-40%.
if toner is built into your contract you may want to re-evaluate the CPC when it comes time to renew based on toner usage.
just my .02c

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