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    Re: Bizhub c224e - Error code: C- c212

    its a card authentication error. load the loadable driver with a usb in service mode under loadable driver

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    Re: Bizhub c224e - Error code: C- c212

    I had this error code on a machine sharing a power strip with a 1960's fridge at a school, it kept happening every few weeks and corrupting the hdd even with a new one. Once the machine and the fridge were separated the issue no longer occurred. It wasn't the card reader or the loadable device driver, it was the unreadable hdd itself resulting in the code. In my case it was likely massive voltage spikes on the power line every time the old fridge started and stopped.

    (KM card reader and papercut MF in use)

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    Re: Bizhub c224e - Error code: C- c212

    I got new firmware, now it is:
    ROM Version
    MFP Card Version A5C10Y0-F000-G20-M1-990
    MFP Controller BOOT Program A5C10Y0-1E00-G00-04(00)
    MFP Controller Linux Base Linux-
    MFP Controller Kernel Program A5C10Y0-1C00-G00-76
    MFP Controller SubSet A5C10Y0-1F00-G00-M5(00)
    MFP Controller A5C10Y0-0100-G20-M1(00)
    Operation Panel Message Data A5C10Y0-8100-G00-M0-990
    Fax Board Controller1
    Fax Board Controller2
    Fax Board Controller3
    Fax Board Controller4
    Engine Parameter A5C10Y0-0054-G00-01
    Engine BOOT A5C10Y0-0055-G00-00
    Scanner A5C10Y0-0023-G00-33
    Printer A5C10Y0-0050-G00-31
    ADF A3CF0Y0-0024-G00-16
    Panel CPU A55V0Y0-8900-G60-00
    Loadable Device Driver1 A2XK0Y0-A520-G00-02(00)
    Loadable Device Driver2
    Voice Data
    Movie Data A5C10Y0-C000-G00-00
    Dictionary Data A5C10Y0-B100-G00-00
    OCR Library
    Panel Sound Data A5C10Y0-C200-G00-00
    MFP Controller Thread Image Parameter A5C10Y0-8B00-G00-01
    MFP Controller PIC Image Parameter A5C10Y0-8A00-G00-05
    MFP Controller System A5C10Y0-1000-G20-M1(00)
    MFP Controller Print Controller A5C10Y0-3000-G01-47
    MFP Controller Print Controller Font A5C10Y0-3F00-G01-41
    MFP Controller Print Controller Demo Page A5C10Y0-3E00-G00-81
    MFP Controller MIO A5C10Y0-5000-G00-U5(00)
    MFP Controller PIC A5C10Y0-8200-G00-B5

    But I still got the error.
    I should say that before the problem came, I installed card authentication device.


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