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    Re: c224e counter reset

    It can be done....

    Going to cost you a new SSD.
    Read reset tool instructions carefully....

    Why you want to i would not be sure.

    a reset counter is a symptom of a very specific problem.


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    Re: c224e counter reset

    What did you mean in step 15 with connecting to USB1?

    Quote Originally Posted by jabatt View Post
    [QUOTE = Zesti; 585604] 얘들 아, 무엇을 말해. BH363을 가지고 있는데, 기술자가 암호를 지우려고했습니다. 그는 NVRAM을 엉망으로 만들었습니다. 제가 고칠 때, 카운터는 0000000이었습니다. [/ QUOTE]

    How to make BIZHUB C364 total counter "0"

    1. Power ON (next when booting is completed)
    2. MENU ⏎
    3. Counters
    4. Enter into service mode (Stop +00+ Stop + 01 + 9272927292729272 + OK)
    5. System setting 1 ⏎
    6. Initialization
    7. Delete individual data of data deletion Click all + OK
    (Caution: Please backup your fax setup data and address registration data in advance.)
    8. Enter serial number
    (If you want to keep the body serial number, write down all of them.)
    9. Press OK to return to service mode.
    10. System Settings 2 ⏎
    11. Software SW Setting
    12. Switch number
    13. If "10" is set to "02" in the input HEX designation, press "C" to make it "00", then press Confirm.
    Press switch number again and press 25 to display 60 in HEX designation.
    (The HEX number may vary depending on the model.)
    Take note of this part. Press OK to exit from service mode.
    14. Turn off the power and open the rear panel and use the tweezers enclosed with the battery of the main board to let it bounce for about 2 minutes.
    15. Plug the included "USB1" into the rear USB service port on the right side of the copier.
    16. Power ON
    17. Wait about 30 seconds and the boot screen will appear asking you to enter the serial number.
    18. Power off
    19. Plug the supplied "USB2" into the rear USB service port on the right side of the copier.
    20. Power ON
    21. If you wait about 10 ~ 20 seconds, you will see "C"
    22. Press the YES button on NVram in the Clear Seleat section. ⏎
    23. START ⏎
    24. When Completed is displayed, turn off the power.
    25. Remove the USB cable on the back and turn the power on (remove the USB cable,
    Screw down)
    26. I get a message asking to insert the serial number.
    27. Enter the serial number and recovery license code you received when the serial number message appears.
    (Menu + Counter + Stop + 00 + Stop + 01 + 9272927292729272 + OK + System setting 1+ Marketing area + Others2 + Fax sending part set to KR + OK + Serial number input + Print + Serial number input + OK + System setting 2 + Software SW setting + Switch number + 10 + HEX designation + ⇨ + 02 + Confirm + Switch number + C + 25 + HEX designation +60 + Confirmation + OK + Firmware version display + OK + Stop + 9 + License management + Restore + Restore Enter Code + Confirm + Power OFF / ON)
    28. Menu + User Settings + System Settings + Language Selection + Korean + OK
    29. Enter the service mode, set up the hard and fax in System Setting 2, and enter the service mode when prompted to insert animation data.
    30. Optional - You do not need to do this.
    The serial numbers that you noted in step 8 are the serial numbers
    Clear the entry and enter the serial number of the print, scanner, or ADF you wrote down.

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    Thumbs up Re: c224e counter reset

    [QUOTE = oscar; 602342] USB1에 연결하여 15 단계에서 무엇을 의미 했습니까? [/ QUOTE]

    bizhub c284 model is used for forced boot by USB1 because software resets automatically when a problem occurs.

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    Re: c224e counter reset

    Wow, old thread rehashed...

    I'd like to say that it IS possible to zero out the meters and doesn't require quiet as many steps as outlined previously. No, it doesn't require SSD replacement afterwards either; nothing needs to be replaced, and no issues with license either. You will need to enter serial numbers, and basically go through the entire machine setup and re-calibration afterwards, as well as setting switches 10 and 25 properly as previously stated.

    I'm not going to disclose the procedure, but I can say for sure it CAN be done as I've seen it done. Very easy on the Color models, not so easy for the B&W models.

    Good Luck!

    Ricoh Service Tech for 7 year, now a Konica Minolta Service Tech for the last 4 years.
    My Ricoh knowledge is slowly dwindling away at this point. Many things have been lost to time...

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