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Thread: Sharp AR-C330

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    WOW!, thanks for the heads up guy's, sounds like this machine can be a dog if too much pressure is applied. I still think I'm gonna do it though, this customer is a small business (a Cement Co.) they're not gonna run it like say an elementary school, or a print shop, i don't even think they would have a floor model color machine if they hadn't had it basicly handed to them.

    Yet and still taking into account what all of you have said I will probably not put him under an service agreement, just do it on a charge per call basis and site parts avalibilty because of age as the problem. Thanks for the info WAZZA.

    Thanks again

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    No problem. You have everything you need. Any problems, just ask .

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCFSS&S View Post
    ...this customer is a small business (a Cement Co.)
    Just be careful with placement. I have a color machine in a small cement company and even though the machine is nowhere near their shop this strange cement dust seems to get everywhere and cause issues with MCs and drum mark sensors.

    Like has been said before, great quality, just quirky.

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    Sharp AR-C330

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    That's a good call keeping it chargable. It gives you an out, when parts become unavailable or costs start getting out of hand. Be sure that you get the color calibration procedure from wazza and the special tools (gray patch and SIT Chart) to properly calibrate it. =^..^=

    If you'd like a serious answer to your request:
    1) demonstrate that you've read the manual
    2) demonstrate that you made some attempt to fix it.
    3) if you're going to ask about jams include the jam code.
    4) if you're going to ask about an error code include the error code.

    blackcat: Master Of The Obvious =^..^=

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