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    Re: kyocera 7002i J4009

    so i visited the copier for the last time on this issue last thursday. I brought with me the tech from kyocera to view my handiwork. we spent a few hours on it and he was honestly boggled what my issue was. I had brought some 199gms cardstock with me, a full 101gms below the max so it should have been able to handle it properly. though it did not. we eventually put it in cassette 1 under thick and adjusted the paper weight for thick to be above the 199gms. after I had gotten home, the kyocera tech called me and told me to look under the tech bulletin 1 specs for cardstock. in there the phrase "Hagaki (Cardstock)" was listed which when hagaki is searched on google:
    "The Japanese word "hagaki" literally translates as "postcard." In printing, the term refers explicitly to the Japanese standard postcard size. As a result, all official hagaki prints are measured at 4-by-4 inches. Photo labs in Japan often for brevity will use the moniker "KG" to describe hagaki measurements."
    so my take away and his was that we were trying the cardstock as too big of a paper size and therfore it is jamming as it is taking too much pressure as noted in a few posts above. as much as I would like to fix the issue like shown above, I have to be realistic. I spent way too much time playing with this one and the bosses are breathing down my neck for using so many parts and time. I will try to fix it like above if any other issues arise later, but for now I gave them the facts as laid out as I am in this post. they took it well and they seemed somewhat happy to know they can use tray 1 with its larger paper capacity so win win. thanks.

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    kyocera 7002i J4009

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    Re: kyocera 7002i J4009


    Sparky, these mylars are for the upper finisher entrance guide and might work good. They are long & pretty stiff.
    I happend to see them & think of this post, although Linuxgyro seems to have resolved the issue.
    Hope that helps !
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