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    Re: Kyocera 3553ci detect documents only as 11x17 ledger, wrong original size detecti

    Quote Originally Posted by Samanator View Post
    I have to ask, what ADF are you talking about? DP-7100, DP-7110, DP-7120, or DP-7130?

    I have had a couple of problem with the size sensor on the original tray on the DP-7100. Had to replace that thing (P/N 303R394050 - PARTS PWB PAPER SIZE SENSOR ASSY SP).

    The other models (DP-7110, DP-7120, or DP-7130) use the green PWB (P/N 303M894271 - PARTS PWB SIZE DETECTION ASSY SP) and the metal comb (P/N3HL06110 - TERMINAL PAPER SIZE) that scrapes across the top of the PWB to indicate paper size. If its this type of ADF, you might want to check if there was damage to the PWB or maybe that metal comb is deformed and needs to be straightened out to make proper contact to the PWB.

    On a side note, these two parts (PWB and metal comb) have been in ADFs (as far as I can remember) since the zero series. I have always cleaned off all the lubricant (grease) on these two items. It has been my experience that when the size indication will not work properly, it is usually because a lot of dirt and dust has accumulated because of the grease on these two items causing poor contact and therefor improper size indication. I clean all the grease off then make sure the metal comb is making even pressure on the PWB. Sometimes, if the machine does not go back at end of lease, I may have to repeat this every three or four years. Contacts get dirty but still no need for grease. Sorry, I digress.

    ADF is DP-7110

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    Kyocera 3553ci detect documents only as 11x17 ledger, wrong original size detection

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    Re: Kyocera 3553ci detect documents only as 11x17 ledger, wrong original size detecti

    The problem is that the DP open close switch located on the DP is stuck on as though the Document processor is always closed. Nothing to do with the switch on the top of the copier or anything under the glass.

    Go into maintenance mode u244 and observe the "open" indicator and open the dp. If it stays highlighted and never changes state then it is stuck on. The sensor is actuated by the reading guide when you close the document feeder. The reading guide may be stuck upwards or damaged. It's the spring loaded white bar on the left underside of the dp. The sensor is at the front left interior of the document processor, the DP open/close switch.
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