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    L4-02 in Sharp ARM-450

    Hi, I have the error code L4-02 in a Sharp ARM-450. I executed the sim 25-1 as the service manual indicates and the drum motor works fine. Any suggestions to remove this error???

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    Drum Motor Lock. Seen this many, many times.
    Remove the process unit, remove the drum & check the waste toner auger & gear assy. You will probably find this is seized or broken due to excessive drum cleaning. When changing the drum & developer, you must reset the rotation counters as well as the drum/dev counters. Otherwise, there is excessive over-toning, leading to waste toner filling the toner cartridge waste area too quickly & therefore leading to waste toner auger assy blocking up.
    You will probably need a new process unit as the auger drive gear breaks off the frame.
    There is new firmware for this problem. Make sure it is updated. Once this is done, it will not happen again. Trust me..... seen it way too many times. All firmware updated machines run perfectly. The rotation counters need to be reset to prevent the overtoning in the first place.

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    Do you know which is the correct version of Firmware??
    where can I find it??
    What is the process to upgrade it??

    Thanks a lot for help

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    01.05.05 Tiger Firmware

    Main - mJ.10; Boot - m5.03A; PCU - 9.04; Scn - 06.04) firmware AR-M350/M450/M350U/M450U/M350N/M450N.

    Sim 22-05 Definition of version ROM and serial number of the device

    Firmware series AR-M350 and AR-M450 it is updated through parallel port
    The device by means of the Parallel cable (Centronics) and programs

    Note: Update the first Boot Rom, then Main Rom.
    Procedure is connected with switching (jp) of crosspieces on a payment

    Has forgotten to tell, that
    1. Update Firmware - process not idle time. You do it at own risk.
    2. Try before Update Firmware, to keep an old file.
    3. Version - for Russia but English language is present.
    Answered here are absolutely right.
    I had a case. After maintenance service. The clearing edge was turned out also the same result. At what the copy was absolutely normal.

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    L4-02 in Sharp ARM-450

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    Wazza is right. Start there. Most often it's a locked up cleaning unit causing it.

    But there is one other possibility. On a few occasions I've had the HVT cables shorting to the main drive assembly. I imagine you coud try to order separate HVT cables, but I've always just replaced the main drive assembly. It's a major pain to change. If it's your first time it will take you over an hour to get the thing out and on the floor. The main drive assy is good for ~1M copies before it starts to seize. If you're getting close to that don't hesitate to replace the assy. =^..^=

    If you'd like a serious answer to your request:
    1) demonstrate that you've read the manual
    2) demonstrate that you made some attempt to fix it.
    3) if you're going to ask about jams include the jam code.
    4) if you're going to ask about an error code include the error code.

    blackcat: Master Of The Obvious =^..^=

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    Re: L4-02 in Sharp ARM-450

    I also have had to replace Main Drive to fix The L4-02--Good Luck

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    L4-02 in Sharp ARM-450

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    Re: L4-02 in Sharp ARM-450

    Quote Originally Posted by SCtech View Post
    I also have had to replace Main Drive to fix The L4-02--Good Luck
    4 year necro-bump!

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    Talking Re: L4-02 in Sharp ARM-450

    I just changed the PCU unit, and problem solved, but you'll need to vacuum the machine I would rather take it outside and give it a grand old air dry cleaning job.

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    L4-02 in Sharp ARM-450

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    Re: L4-02 in Sharp ARM-450

    The above are all correct, but I have corrected several by replacing DV Drive spring, per bulletin MFP-TB-290. If your DV ever spilled and it is piled up behind the machine around the Main drive unit, I would think it is safe to say that you will need a drive unit.

    As far as broken waste toner gear on process unit, I have only replaced the 3 gears on the back and not the whole process unit.

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