View Full Version : CQ Bizhub c 364 e firmware issue

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09-22-2019, 06:05 PM
Hello i need latest frimware for my machine.

Please help. Thanks

09-22-2019, 08:04 PM
i only share with people with a contributor badge. its not personal.

09-22-2019, 08:52 PM

Sir plz provide any free link

09-22-2019, 09:04 PM
i did ;)

Phil B.
09-23-2019, 12:55 AM
first off WHY do you need the firmware/
what errors/problems?

as Synth said contributors do get more help

and BTW firmware are copyrighted files.. anyone that provides those files/manuals could be in legal problems..

please conduct future convos on this subject to PM's

also.. you might want to READ and understand the Forum Rules.

09-23-2019, 02:04 AM
I know it seems harsh to want to know what type of issue you are having etc before supplying firmware. This prevents end users from trying to install firmware and possibly making a mistake which renders machine useless. They are actually doing a good deed trying to prevent damage beyond repair!

Of course the other route is as suggested make a "small" donation to this site and someone will send F/W. Please understand we are trying to keep this site alive to help share expert knowledge.

Thanks for understanding

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