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    Re: Error code SC542 on MP6500

    Quote Originally Posted by KIBO View Post
    I have experienced this problem twice with Ricoh 1035. In the first instance I bought a pair of thermistors that I realize that I hardly needed and threw away functioning once. Things didn't change and had to go to sp mode and the machine worked.
    The second instance the machine showed this code a year later (same machine) I just put into sp mode and turned on and off and the problem was fixed.
    My main conclusion is that this particular lemon my have a weak power supply that doesn't shut of when voltage is below threshold and what happens it informs the firmware and that information is not corrected once the power situation in the mains is standardized. My advice to whoever gets this code is first of all to to go into sp mode - alter nothing but switch on and off. If it persist then it is good to follow all the advice given in this thread in trouble shooting. In very cases though would you need to change the firmware which I think has a measure of tamper proof.
    I see you are new to CTN. A bit of advice, when you have a problem, start a new thread. When a thread that is old and dead comes up with a new post, many people look at when a thread was started and don't even look at the new post.

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    Error code SC542 on MP6500

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    Re: Error code SC542 on MP6500

    Lets fire this thread up again as the problem is still hanging around and won't go away, I'm even seeing it on the latest MP 7502's.
    We've made all the suggested changes to the SP setting, updated firmware, put shims behind the fuser plug and still getting random shut downs due to SC 54X.

    One thing I did discover was that thermisters are a PM item and should be changed every 350K, I'm deeply ashamed that I didn't know that, you work on the same generation of box for years and think you know it all so sometimes it pays to reread the manual.

    The only thing I've found that does decrease the incidence is to go to the customers once a month and go around their fleet of copiers and manually clean the thermistors. Not a very cost/time effective way of doing things but it does stop the Sales manager giving me a hard time cos their trying to upgrade the fleet.

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    Re: Error code SC542 on MP6500

    Thermistors are not per say a PM item, but they need to be replaced from time to time and this is account dependent. As all of us know, toner is still collected under the thermistors, even the design was changed and the bracket angle was modified. Toner tends to attach faster if the thermal resistant plastic coating the thermistor terminal presents fine scratches on the surface. You will observe that new thermistors have a longer cleaning interval and after the toner builds up, this interval will be shorter and shorter...that is the moment when you should replace them. The problem is pure mechanical, and all the attempts to correct it trough firmware or settings failed. A better thermistor design is present in Aficio Pro 906/907 and older 1060 or 1100 series but the got the same problem in time accumulating toner under the thermistor...anyway their lifespan was way better.

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