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    Re: What's the most whack customer description???

    Quote Originally Posted by petermays View Post
    logged call as mc is dead and 5 ppl have checked plugs and power button...I got there and put the plug on.

    nothing beats the dumb look on there face when they say that they tried that
    Many many times have had that happen. Especially with typewriters. Had a customer where the secretary was from NJ and moved to rural SC. Every now and then the cleaners would unplug her typewriter so they could use the vacuum cleaner and not plug it back in. Got a call to fix a dead selectric. I get there and the only thing wrong is the machine is unplugged. And showed her how and where to plug it in. Got the response "That's your job not mine. Secretaries are not required to trouble shoot the electrical equipment. Only qualified electricians or technicians are certified to do that with office equipment" Yeah she was from a real strict union shop where only electricians were allowed to plug any equipment into the electrical outlets. And brought her attitude with her. My boss was not very happy and when she called the third time for the same problem he refused to renew the service contract which was up for renewal.

    Ah unions sometimes they are great and sometimes they have the stupidest rules imaginable.

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    Re: What's the most whack customer description???

    Next time they say"can I make a copy?" just say "No. You mean "may I make a copy". And if you can get it back together, you may!"

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